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   For over 40 years, our goal has been to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer, while offering knowledgeable and friendly service at affordable rates. We realize that you have alternate choices in auto/transmission repair in the area. However, our reputation and consistency separates us from other facilities, just ask your neighbor or general repair mechanic.

We provide the best transmission and automotive services at affordable rates in the area. Bay Transmissions reputation has been built on quality service and staff excellence.

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This is an indication that your vehicle needs to be looked at right away. Basically when this light comes on it is a warning. You should not wait to determine why this light is on. Consider diagnostic testing to determine the cause.  

Before computers became common in automotive applications there were on a few warning lights on your dash the indicated there was a problem with the engine -an alternator light, a low oil pressure light and maybe an engine temperature light. these days, your dash would resemble the cockpit of a jet aircraft if there were a separate warning light for everything that could go wrong.

At Bay Transmissions our diagnostic equipment is second to none. Friendly certified technicians are prepared to help you pinpoint the problem and put your fears to rest. Properly diagnosing your vehicle the first time is the key to keeping your repair costs low and your expectations high.

Always keep in mind what appears to be a serous problem on the outside may be minor on the inside, Example a speed sensor or solenoid can prevent your transmission from shifting. Need help?   Call us today 1 609-597-1896